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Monday, October 28, 2013

On an online approach to fitness

Not everyone can afford pricey fitness stratagem, so it’s well off there are cheaper options to get in shape:

Look online 

There are lots of exercise tips, videos and workout plans in online, it just takes a little sleuthing to find quality information. Jenna Bergen, Prevention magazine’s fitness editor, recommends web sites like, which flows a variety of workouts, from dance to Pilates to cardio, for $10 per month. Other sites to check out for streaming classes include gaiam. tv and yogaglo.

Use smartphone apps 

Bergen recommends apps including Tabata Trainer, a $1.99 interval training app focused on high redundancies short outbursts of exercise; Yog, a free app that helps you plan a run with anyone anywhere in the world in real time; and Nike Training Club’s free app that features 100 strength workouts.

Use outdoor gyms 

In a growing trend, some parks have outdoor fitness materials such as: seats with bike pedals, chin-up bars, elliptical trainers, leg-press machines and other weather-proof equipment.

Check with your employer 

See if you are able to get gym membership discounts, free nutritionist visits, health coaching and other perks.

Walk or run 

Walking is the best and cheapest workout there is. And it works, says Bergen: “Walking is an arresting workout. If you can do five to ten minutes two or three times a day, it can make a huge difference in your energy level.”

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