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Friday, September 27, 2013

Some particular topics about physical exercise

Physical exercise means the regular movement of the limbs of our body according to the rules. It is indispensable to keep our body fit and mind sound.Only it can give us 24 hours fitness.Physical exercise is of various kinds. Good form of exercise is walking, swimming, riding, racing, rowing, Gymnastics wrestling and plying many outdoor and indoor games.


All forms of exercise are not compatible for all men. If a weak man takes part in a football game or hockey, he will get tired. It does not good to him. Those who are strong and stout can take all forms of exercise. On the other hand those who are weak cannot take all forms of exercise Walking is the best kind of exercise for all in all circumstances. It is of particular use to the weak and the old. Walking in the morning and evening refreshes our body and mind. It also enables a man to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Swimming is also a good exercise. It strengthens all the limbs of our body. Gymnastics exercises are not suited to people of all ages. The weak and the old cannot stand the strains of gymnastic exercise. Gymnastics exercise are best suited to the young, students  and  members of well-organized  clubs.Riding,racing,rowing,wrestling, indoor and outdoor games offer simple opportunity for the exercise of our body. Among all forms of exercise swimming and walking are the best because they cost nothing.


An oft-quoted maxim goes that a sound mind lives in a sound body. Mere acquisition of knowledge without sound health is of no use to society. There lies a close connection between body and the mind. If the body is unsound, the mind must be unsound. We cannot think of a sound mind without a sound health. It is physical exercise which enables us to build a good health which is the key to success.

Effects of neglecting physical exercise

There are many people who do not take physical exercise. They can hardly realize that they themselves are running their health. They fall victim to many disease. Life becomes dull to them. They are always peevish and ill tempered.

It needs no telling the consequence of physical exercise. We build good health and build sound mind through physical exercise. Physical exercise makes our body active and the muscle strong. It also improves our power of digestion and blood circulation. It gives strength to our brain. Many good habits are formed through outdoor games. It teaches us to make unity, patience, obedience, discipline and punctual.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beneficence of physical exercise

There are many practical advices about physical exercise. Drug addicted people/present chain smokers/Ex-smoker can easily leave their bad habit through exercise. Habit of physical Exercise is the best solution for them. The daily physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It is the route of all happiness. There is a proverb in Bangla “susto deho sundor mon kormo basto shukhi jibon”. If you follow the following point you will be able to learn about the importance of physical exercise.

# It will Control your weight.
# It will lower your risk of heart disease.
# It will lower your risk for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
# It will lower your risk of some cancers.
# It will Strong your bones and muscles.
# It improves your  health and mood.
# It improves your ability to do daily activities.
# It helps to remove negative impression from the mind.
# It helps to remove cigarette.
# It increases your chances of living longer.
# It also reduce social anxiety.

Making regular exercise into your daily schedule may be difficult at first to you. Even though 10 minutes at a time is good. The key is to find the right exercise for you. It should be fun and should match your abilities.

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Treatment for social anxiety

Exercise is the best treatment to reduce social anxiety.Although we do not know exactly why, it is believed there are a range of cause why exercise relieves anxiety and chases away the black clouds of depression:


Focusing your thoughts on hitting a tennis ball or running around an open manhole confines you from mulling over your last (probably incorrectly perceived) social calamity. Anxiety is driven by negative thinking. So using your brain more constructively can give your emotions a welcome break.


Exercise safely releases stored up adrenaline, which is what causes you to sweat or feel ill when you’re anxious. This means you’ll feel more relaxed and less on border after you’ve finished your run.

Strengthens your heart 

Your heart is a muscle and making it stronger will help it practice better in stressful situations. As your heart strengthens, from regular exercise, it’s less likely to start hammering in your chest in anxious situations.

Improves your mood 

The tumid blood drift to your brain causes mood enhancing ‘endorphins’ to be released. Endorphins are feel good hormones, and when they’re freed they can brighten your mood and evaporate gloomy thoughts.

Self-esteem boost 

just knowing that you’re doing something practical to relieve your anxiety, rather than feeling odious in bed, will make you feel better about yourself. Regular exercise will make you feel mechanic, stronger and give you a much needed sanction to your self-esteem.

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