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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weight loss tips

The weight of the many people suddenly start to rise, especially after the age of thirty, in the time of service access etc.  We don't get it why we’re going to be so fat. There are a lot of reasons, such as: proper eating habits, ways of life, the lack of activity, the lack of knowledge about food etc. The rate of obesity in the world is being raised rapidly. It’s really a matter of thought.

So, raising health consciousness I hope the following topics will really help to the all.

# Keep the healthy foods in your refrigerator as reserve. Such as low- fat meat, red rice , red flour , fruits, vegetables , nuts, cheese , yogurt  etc. Try to take sugar free food in your dish because it contains a large margin of fat. He who likes sweet he can eat sweet fruits, dark chocolate etc.

# How to cook a healthy meal it is also to be learned. For example: cooking without oil, using little oil, High fat free oil etc.

# It can be seen, Many doesn’t make balanced diet or make crash diet or not knowing,many make reverse diet. It doesn’t reduce their weight. Even it reduces; they become weak or lacking of proper nutrients in the body leads to various problems. So everybody should make balanced diet after consulting the doctor.

# Most of the people like fast food that is totally unhealthy and it creates obesity seriously. So everybody should abandon it.

# Avoiding breakfast every day is another reason for obesity. It’s a Very bad habit. If you don’t make breakfast it decreases the metabolism of the body. It creates more appetite in the lunch time. As a result we eat more food which increases the weights more.  Breakfast plays some important role such as it enhance digestion, increases energy, brain works properly as well as you can get a good mood.

# It is very important  to know about food calories. What is calorie and how it effects in our body it’s very important to learn. How many calories we have to take in per weigh meal and how many calories are responsible for increasing or decreasing our weight we also have to learn.

# Drinking a lot of water in the whole day plays a big role to reduce weight. It increases metabolism, it helps to enhance digestion, and you will also feel less hunger. As a result it reduces weight. It also keeps good our whole body and limbs: such as brain, skin, nerve etc.

# Modest amounts of protein should be keep in your per weigh meal. For digesting protein it costs much calories. It’s higher than carbohydrates or fat. So every day in our dish we will try to keep some low-fat vegetarian foods: such as chicken, marine-fish, eggs, cheese,nuts, etc.

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