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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Everywhere I go; people seem to be jumping as a component of their workouts. Why?

Here's a breakdown from Walt Thompson, an educator of activity physiology at Georgia State University, who has examined plyometric — a manifestation of activity that uses jumping, hopping and bounding to develop muscle power.

# Jumping is good for you. "It's an extraordinary full-body workout," Thompson said. You're utilizing your quads, gluts and hamstrings, and engaging your core and swinging your arms. What's more you’ll burn calories. A 155-pound person jumping rope at a moderate to quick pace for five minutes will burn from 59 to 70 calories.

# Jumping is cheap exercise. About as cheap as it gets. Thompson said body weight training, which utilizes your body weight rather than hardware as a manifestation of resistance, took off around 2008, privilege when the recession hit.

# Jumping is entertaining.Any type of activity that doesn't appear like drudgery enhances consistence rates and keeps people working out, Thompson said.

# Jumping is generally easy and you can get better at it. “You can probably compare this to a tennis swing or a baseball bat swing, where you practice that form of exercise and you get better at it,”. Thompson said

# One alert: 

Watch those landings. Sprains and even fractures are a hazard of all that gravity defying, Thompson said.

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