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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Treatment for social anxiety

Exercise is the best treatment to reduce social anxiety.Although we do not know exactly why, it is believed there are a range of cause why exercise relieves anxiety and chases away the black clouds of depression:


Focusing your thoughts on hitting a tennis ball or running around an open manhole confines you from mulling over your last (probably incorrectly perceived) social calamity. Anxiety is driven by negative thinking. So using your brain more constructively can give your emotions a welcome break.


Exercise safely releases stored up adrenaline, which is what causes you to sweat or feel ill when you’re anxious. This means you’ll feel more relaxed and less on border after you’ve finished your run.

Strengthens your heart 

Your heart is a muscle and making it stronger will help it practice better in stressful situations. As your heart strengthens, from regular exercise, it’s less likely to start hammering in your chest in anxious situations.

Improves your mood 

The tumid blood drift to your brain causes mood enhancing ‘endorphins’ to be released. Endorphins are feel good hormones, and when they’re freed they can brighten your mood and evaporate gloomy thoughts.

Self-esteem boost 

just knowing that you’re doing something practical to relieve your anxiety, rather than feeling odious in bed, will make you feel better about yourself. Regular exercise will make you feel mechanic, stronger and give you a much needed sanction to your self-esteem.

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