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Monday, May 4, 2015

Be careful, chewers: Betel nut may cause cancer

Do you realize that consumption of betel nuts can cause oral cancer? Maybe not! Yet, specialists say it does and the instances of oral growths are rising step by step.

The deadly habit of taking betel nuts with betel leaves or chewing them raw is taken after over hundreds of years in Bangladesh, and it is truly prominent for the marginal-level people for its empowering impact.

A late study has observed that chewing betel nuts can bring about oral cancer. As indicated by the study, consuming of betel nuts is as destructive as expending tobacco, or betel leaf. Chewing betel nuts can bring about scraped areas in the mouth and lips, making the chewers more exposed to cancer.

In our nation (Bangladesh), people are for the most part ignorant that betel nut consumption can bring about oral disease. Dental specialists say that betel leaf and betel nut can prompt oral disease. Be that as it may, there is a disturbing absence of open mindfulness among people in general about disease inside the mouth.

In the interim, cancer specialists said the danger of mouth cancer really is expanding altogether in the nation. They propose bringing issues to light of oral cancer among people.

As of late, the National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital has begun raising open mindfulness about oral cancer. Cancer specialists say that if oral cancer is identified and treated early, survival rates enhance altogether.

Presently, treatment of oral cancer is conceivable in Bangladesh.

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