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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The exercise which increase bone density

In general, activities that involve influences with the earth, such as jumping and running, are the most useful way to improve bone health, according to Dr. Jon Tobias, a professor of rheumatology at the University of Bristol.

They originate ground-reaction forces that move through your bones and stimulate them to “remodel” themselves and add density, he said.

They also entail strong muscular contractions that tug at and slightly bend attached bones, redoubling the stimulating effects of the exercise.

Hopping and sprinting are the most obvious and well-studied examples of high-impact exercises. Interestingly, weight training on its own seems to be only a moderately effective way to enhance bone density.

Fortunately for those of us reluctant to take up speed skating or hurdling later in life, the amount of pounding required to stimulate bone remodeling in older people is likely less than it is for the young. Walking may be sufficient, if it is speedy.

So-called odd impacts, created when you move in a direction other than straight ahead, can initiate remodeling throughout the hipbone and spine in older people, a few recent studies suggest. So, too, may shake up the bones by standing on a whole-body vibration platform, available nowadays at many health clubs. 

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