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Monday, March 31, 2014

6 different interesting uses of tooth paste

In every house tooth paste is present. The tooth paste what is used every day for brushing, it can perform a lot of different purposes. Sometimes tooth paste bears some unthinkable solutions.
Let’s get to know some of the different funny uses of tooth paste.

# If a mosquito or other insect bites, it creates itch or flame . Place the tooth paste in the infected area; itching or flaming can be reduced.

# Falling foods in Carpet sometimes it becomes spot. Reforming freaky spot of carpet; tooth paste is very effective.  Put a little bit tooth paste in the area where it creates spot, and rub with a brush or wet cloths, it will slowly remove.

# In the time of cooking hand can burn accidentally. Paste the tooth paste in the infected area,
Irritation will be reduced . However; this tendency will not be applicable for the utterly burns.

# Who like facial acne? Put tooth paste on acne or acne skin and go to bed for sleeping. Waking up in the morning you will see the acne size has been smaller.

# Nails become yellow for cooking. It looks smudge. Put tooth paste in the nails. Yellow color
can leave rapidly.

# Increasing the sparkle of old silver jewelry tooth paste is effective. Put tooth paste here and rub it with tooth brush and then wash with water. It will get back its lost figure.

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